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Congratulations Sentar technology company won the Shenzhen Municipal Market Supervisory Authority enterprise network operator license
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Business Network monitoring electronic identification publicity (hereinafter referred to as "industrial and commercial network monitoring") is engaged in online commodity trading and related services companies should fulfill statutory obligations. "Network behavior of commodity trading and related services Interim Measures" (SAIC Decree No. 49), "Market Supervision Administration of Shenzhen, the main identifiable information about e-commerce market public notice", "Shenzhen trusted trading environment to promote a number of e-commerce provides that "clearly stipulates that enterprises engaged in commodity trading network should be made in accordance with relevant provisions of the relevant licenses, and in its operating business license on a Web page information posted or electronic links to its business license identification.
E-commerce market in Shenzhen Public Service Platform ( for the majority of network operators, enterprises online platform to provide network services bright shine. Public service platform e-commerce market in Shenzhen City Market Supervisory Authority under the guidance of the UTS center construction and operations. UTS Centre is legally authorized by the Government commissioned to undertake the construction of e-commerce trading environment credible third-party public service agencies.
E-commerce market of public service platform, to build a convenient, fast, safe, secure network trading environment.

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