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China Unicom: the era of opportunities to win big data
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China Unicom: the era of opportunities to win big data
Big Data is a big value more and more people's attention. Operators have a greater grasp of the data is the advantage of being able to create more business opportunities. So, transport

Business should be how to overcome the short board, the value of massive data mining? How to build infrastructure platform supporting large data landing, the era of opportunities to win big data

? To solve these problems, China Unicom Group information technology and e-commerce division vice president Geng Xiangdong, talked about trends on the understanding of big data, as well as

China Unicom Strategic Planning.
A large value of big data
Big Data is the current hot topic, there is a word put it very well, called cloud computing change the IT architecture, big data change the business model. In the future, all companies can

Enough to quantify the content of all be digital. In this process, the cloud can have calculated and stored as necessary scalability and flexibility at lower

Cost and higher efficiency, to analyze, all data mining enterprises. Cloud computing can be said for the big data technologies such as the development of the digital future of corporate lay

The foundation.
From the current industry background, operators are still in the process of transformation. Chinese carriers 2012 financial results, China's telecommunications market is a Red Sea

Market, there are already more than 1.1 billion mobile subscribers, and nearly every month 8000-9000 million users in large quantities. In addition to China Mobile's relatively high profit margins

In addition, China Telecom and China Unicom's profit margin is only in the 2-3% level. This means that operators must make changes and improve profit margins.
On the other hand, OTT alternatives for telecommunications services and the impact of increasingly serious. For example, the 2012 Spring Festival period, although the overall message volume operators is rising, but

Only a slight rise, and point to point SMS actually fell about 10%. This suggests that the Internet business is eroded or OTT alternative to traditional telecommunications services,

Operators must change the development model, the use of big data technology, to achieve lower costs and higher efficiency.
China Unicom to expect from the three aspects to play big data utility, that enhance the customer experience, increase transparency control and science operations, build a new business model. First

First, China Unicom, IT systems can be included in addition to structured data other than data integration, including user access logs, access to records, bit

Configuration information, the terminal information and the like. This information can help operators more clearly perceive the user's actual needs, to know who the user is, in any place, with even

What kind of terminal, needs, access to what ...... That is, the data carriers can be found and perceived customer needs, so as to provide better

Products and services.
The second aspect is for operators transparent internal control and scientific operations. Through the data, operators can each one 360 degrees perspective operator of the subject, knowledge

Xiao market development, financial situation, in order to understand the business from more dimensions, and better to balance the relationship between revenues and costs. We also call it precision

Matching of resources, which will change the traditional extensive management mode.
Large data using third area is to build a new business model. Domestic talk more recently the topic of virtual operators. If the virtual operator is the future new business

Business model, then the operator will need to complete the user data to virtual operators. Then, the virtual operator to infrastructure-based carrier's network and several

According to, the development of some characteristics or innovative products. In addition, operators in response to the OTT business competition, is also inseparable from the support of the data. This indicates that large data

Operators, to open an important guarantee for innovative value Blue Ocean, help to change the traditional business model, help to improve the customer's perception of quality, and enhance operator

Its own strength, can effectively deal from virtual operators and OTT business impact.
Now, the domestic big data applications temporarily to try and explore the process, industry chain players need to calm down, seriously consider the actual situation

And stage to discuss the future of big data can bring value to encourage the big data applications really landing.
China Unicom to gain the upper hand
Analysis of the advantages and disadvantages carriers
Over the past ten years, operators have been working hard to become a smart pipe, but unfortunately, the transformation process is quite difficult. It is undeniable that China's information technology group

Infrastructure levels have a very big improvement. For operators, but also formed several key assets, that is, networks, users, data. Network is the foundation, is high

Highways, all users must be connected to the Internet to carriers, will produce a variety of consumer records, which is through the data to quantify.
Thus, operators can obtain first-hand data is the customer name, gender, age, flow, etc., but also further to know the customer's terminal type, frequently visit

Q. content. In the past, we as costly, extensive business management and other reasons, so that these data lost in vain, and failed to turn it into real value.
And today, cloud computing and big data provide a basis for technical support, so that we can integrate these data, further analysis and mining, to extract the face

New business models, or customer-oriented perception data. Such data is the high value, high polymer, high-density data, to help achieve the above three objectives

Standard. This is also the operator's inherent advantages.
Of course, operators are also inadequate. Specifically, the main carriers of the experience from the traditional communications products and services, it is difficult to do fine for each user

Provide insight and business associate. But no doubt, the operator must move in this direction, otherwise it is impossible to compete with OTT. On this topic, how to meet

The needs of users - CEM (Customer Experience Management), this year there are also a lot of TM Forum Discussion. In addition, there are domestic system and mechanism, three

Large operators need to further activate in order to truly participate in the big data, Internet, mobile Internet competition in the past.
IT system construction model transformation
China Unicom, the country's largest carrier data applications, go more forward, the company attaches great importance to the leadership of big data applications, as well as new business models

Creation. From the online point of view, China Unicom has the big data as a major future development strategy, IT system also identified the next stage of development is "focus on large

Data-centric, top-level design to lead the IT development, lower service, help customer perception "as the overall strategy.
In this guidance, China Unicom launched a comprehensive data-centric, centralized and integrated IT system construction, and its goal is to change the traditional construction

Model, that is applied to the data from each system, all chimney construction mode. This is due to the data level, decentralized, fragmented data is difficult to form a consistent

, Data integration and data between the cost is very expensive, difficult to play their application data integration advantages, or that the greater the data, the value of the marginal effects and more

High. Therefore, China Unicom future construction mode all be transformed into the "platform + application" model, to build the whole group unique, centralized, open big data

Platform, and on this platform to build a variety of applications.
This is an important change in construction mode, its core is big data platform. China Unicom plans to put all the IT core data, the NE-side data, Internet

Data, as well as with external partners and affiliates or any third party exchange data, all integrated to form a panorama that reflects corporate customers panorama, all products

/ Channel big data platform. This platform technology using a large data processing huge amounts of data, and the ability of different needs, different effective integration of business for the upper should

Used to provide customized services, simply, it is the "unified platform, application flourishing."
Currently, in addition to the traditional IT data set, the mobile phone users of China Unicom also collect Internet browsing logs, access to records, and accordingly in 2013. "

315 "officially provide user traffic inquiry service, aimed at resolving a transparent user data era consumer issues. On this basis, the operator can have more

As, for example, the base station optimization. According to collected traffic data, access to records, operators can clearly know that the user actually visited each base station

Volume, load, in order to determine the reasonableness of the base station planning, whether you want to base expansion, whether you want to optimize, whether you want to enhance the carrying capacity, or cut and so on. In this

, The operator will be able to enhance the quality and efficiency of network planning.
In addition, operators can also do targeted marketing. As a simple example, suppose a user demand for data this month particularly, the flow coming out of the package

Range used. At this point, the operator can accurately know the user's traffic usage, timely push some temporary load flow package, which is a perfect fit with the user's needs

To. Such scenarios are impossible to achieve in the past, it is because we throw away the traffic data, and now we have it collected, the next step will

The signaling information collected, to provide users with more services.
With centralized data, and on the relevance of these data, integration, analysis, application scenarios emerged a lot of data, unlimited imagination. In these areas

China Unicom has done a lot to try, will promote more new business models.
Centralized system to overcome the challenges
In order to build a unified platform for big data, China Unicom, the need to build enterprise data centers and resource pools, this, China Unicom, the biggest challenge comes from the past two

Level system, two architecture, the company's management, organizational structure, IT systems, etc. are the two architectures, namely 31 provinces have their own systems, data and applications. Accordingly,

Our challenge lies in the traditional two architectures into a centralized, integrated IT architecture. Specific process, in the transitional period, the system will data from 31 provinces

To extract aggregated to group a system; in the target period, the provincial system gradually weaken and eventually no longer retained, to achieve a platform to support all applications and scenarios.
As minicomputers not support such a large amount of data, a platform can not be achieved in the past. And now, cloud computing technology is implemented in the calculation and storage

A great deal of scalability and flexibility; big data technology is more associated data level, integration and analysis; application software helps flexible SOA architecture adaptation

Various scenes on the flexibility of the system configuration requirements. All of these technologies as a centralized, integrated system provides the necessary technical support.
The second challenge is a centralized system, the centralized operational capacity building, including centralized system to be able to respond quickly to market, to meet customer demand, fit different

Stage specific management needs. Centralized operational capabilities will become future information warfare of the central nervous system, able to remember data, insight into the company from the provincial and city

, Even to the line of the grid actual operating conditions, as well as customer perception and make timely, targeted feedback and inform.
China Unicom's progress in a centralized operation is very obvious, and some centralized system has been built, there are many programs being implemented. Needless to say, this is a

A clear, clear strategy. China Unicom, from top to bottom has been reached this consensus, the transition has been steadily advancing, all the planning and construction of the new system to count all

According to the center, focusing on data transparent, rigid, standardized, quality, safety, which is the foundation of all foundation.
Implementation of IT infrastructure cloud
China Unicom's IT infrastructure is at the core of big data integration, centralized model, will form a nationwide 2-3 EDC (data center) whole cloth

Bureau, called two three-center. China Unicom plans to do a couple of years ago, and is currently implementing two major data center base of the building will soon be delivered, divided

Do Langfang base and Hohhot base. Beijing Yizhuang and Langfang is a double live two production centers, located only 18 km. Meanwhile, Hohhot will build a disaster

Preparation center. This allows the formation of Beijing and Langfang, as well as two three-center Hohhot overall architecture.
In the IT infrastructure, China Unicom emphasis on resource pool construction, computing and storage resources should be concentrated, sharing, openness, technology choice is also based on these

Basic principles, all applications in the direction of a comprehensive migration to the cloud. Bearing mode emphasis on infrastructure flexibility and reuse of resources, the use of "X86 + virtualization," as well as large numbers

According to distributed computing, to build super clusters, providing application-oriented computing power and storage capacity. From 2012, China Unicom centralized system construction Full

Department adopted this architecture.
Pooling resources has many success stories. In Taobao, for example, the daily production of about 1.5PB data, the calculation of the cluster is greater than 1500, only two hours,

20TB 1.5PB put data into a high-value data, each of the applications provided to the upper and sectors, and all users. This is very good for us

Reference. Similarly, the size of future data carriers will be very large, large amounts of data is low value, low-density, the need for handling, processing, high draw

Value, high-aggregated data, and and operators of existing IT systems MBO data integration, and provide to the business.
Custom mashup data processing techniques
There are different types of data, structured, semi-structured and unstructured data. Traditional IT system data structures have a relatively high degree of MBO data

There semistructured log data users to access the Internet, as well as unstructured data user access to Internet content, and so on.
Different data have different application scenarios require different data processing techniques. Traditional relational databases can handle complex relational analysis, multidimensional mining

For structured data processing, it is unique. Hadoop is good at unstructured and semi-structured data processing and refining, the number of massive distributed

Data processing efficiency is very high, but not good at doing complex multi-dimensional correlation analysis. That is, a low value for the mass, density data processing and handling, transport

Business such calculations can be used Hadoop system. After processing the data, and integrate, correlate, aggregate, forming high-value data, operators can make

And other traditional database using Oracle or MySQL database so new.
Of course, there are some scenes, such as the user's real-time queries, need to provide accelerated memory database, allowing users to perceive a very quick, one click can draw

The results you want, there are some scenes using column memory database ...... So, certainly can not meet demand single database, operators need a system to suit

For different scenarios and different application needs, ie the depth of customization is the most appropriate mix of structure.

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